Bootstrap Skins Category Submission Requirements

Bootstrap Skins Category Submission Requirements

Refer to the following guidelines before submitting items to the Bootstrap Skins category.

Technical Requirements

  • Skins with default styles will not be accepted.
  • Skins must be modified enough to be unique from the default Bootstrap styling.
  • All default elements are required.
  • When possible, the CSS code styling must follow the Bootstrap core styling.
  • CSS should be ID-less, fully class based and only use as many rules as necessary (ie. no bloated CSS).
  • Where possible, code-generated graphics (CSS3 gradients, etc) should be used instead of images.
  • Skin directory structure should follow the default Bootstrap directory structure.
  • The core LESS files are not required for submission, but adding them can be helpful to customers who use LESS.

Documentation Requirements

  • Instructions on modifying core UI elements are required when the CSS for the element is drastically changed.
  • All custom plugin (eg. jQuery) or replacement plugin usage must be well documented with clear instructions.

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